Duke City Cares we believe in providing Fast, Friendly, Quality Care for our patients.

We accomplish this through teamwork & our CORE Values – Compassion, Opportunity, Respect & Education

At DCC, our team strives to provide a healthy and happy work environment. We are a varied group that consists of such personnel as nurses, paramedics and EMTs, medical assistants, front desk specialists, medical billers and coders, doctors and advanced practice practitioners, radiologic technologists, and more. It is our belief that we can increase the scope of services from that traditionally offered in urgent and primary care settings and thereby provide a better patient experience, as well as save our patients and healthcare systems substantial time and financial resources. In doing so, we create value for all of our patients and business partners.

We promote an environment in which our team is empowered to utilize their fullest set of administrative and clinical skills. This allows our team to maximize its efficiency during patient registration and patient care. We are able to accomplish this through effective medical direction, extensive training policies, and always making sure that all resources necessary are available to our team. Ultimately, this results in better patient care, more cost-effective patient care, and a more fun environment in which to work.

Perhaps most importantly, we foster an environment of respect for ourselves, our team members, and our patients. Our commitment to this allows us to care for our patients in a manner similar to which we would like to be cared for ourselves. Respect also results in the formation of a tight knit working team that communicates effectively with one another and further benefits patient care. We encourage and support each other both in the daily tasks of patient care and in furthering our educations whether that be through additional training at our clinic or advancing our degrees with additional schooling.

We promise to always remain committed to growth and the improved patient experience.
Duke City Cares – your medical family – will always be here for you and your family.

Team Work

Work as one team to deliver the best patient experience possible.



Treat our patient as we would want to be treated and be understanding during their time of need.



Create opportunities for staff to grow with the company and empower everyone to improve their work environment.



Treat one another and our patients with respect. Listen and speak openly.



Encourage ongoing professional growth and development while providing opportunities for continuous learning.

Our Values

Our Goals

Company Background

Driving Principles


  • Wait time is the single most important patient satisfier.
  • We strive to get patients in and out within one hour.
  • Staff maintains a sense of urgency to keep wait time to a minimum.
  • We make every effort to schedule appointments in a timely manner.


  • We treat our patients as customers as opposed to a number.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering a much higher level of customers service than other medical providers.
  • All patients are greeted with a smile and treated with compassion.


  • We offer a high level of care and more services than many other family practices to keep patients close to home.
  • We strive to provide education to all of our staff to ensure the best treatment possible.

Great Patient Experience